Blog Tour Review: The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: Part III – Jennifer Malone Wright

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In the third installment of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter, Chloe Kallistrate’s first Christmas without her mother is difficult. As part of the grieving process she visits her mother’s grave for the first time and there, she is visited by Sostrate, the immortal demi-god from whom she is descended.

As she comes of age, Chloe is changing and developing the gifts unique to her heritage. She discovers a new power she must learn to use and control, as if being a teenager wasn’t difficult enough. During this emotionally chaotic time in her life, the community is attacked, her grandfather injured and hunters are killed. After almost losing her only remaining family, Chloe questions whether her continued presence in the community will sacrifice everyone she has come to care about.

Series:  The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter #3
Release Date:  December 5, 2011
Publisher:  Jennifer Malone Wright
Source:  Sizzling PR
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Reviewer’s Thoughts:

Chloe grows up a little bit in this next installment in the series.  After the death of her mother and her ineffectiveness in helping fight off the last attempt by the vampires to kidnap her, Chloe has really focused on her training and the development of her gifts.  She an excellent marksman and also discovers that she has an affinity for fire…something that hasn’t been found in a Vampire Hunter in many, many years.

She’s also building a relationship with her grandfather and bonding with Drew, who still remains a mystery to her.  She’s also trying to find her place amongst her classmates.  It’s not easy for her, but she’s trying to make a life within the Hunter community.  But this also makes her question whether being there is safe for the other residents since she knows her father will stop at nothing to get her.  That message comes to her loud and clear when a vampire attack leaves a few fellow hunters dead and Luke seriously injured.

Another great addition to the series.  The characters are developing and the connection to them, as a reader, is growing.

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