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A Drink, A Book and Holiday Cheer Entries

Castle Rock Hot Buttered Rum by Robin Kaye


1-pint vanilla bean ice cream—get the really good stuff.

¾-cup brown sugar

1/2-cup butter

¼-teaspoon lemon peel

1-teaspoon cinnamon

½-teaspoon allspice

light or dark rum



the butter and ice cream soften slightly. With a mixer, beat butter,
brown sugar, lemon peel, and spices together. Slowly add ice cream by
the spoonful until well blended and smooth.

Note: I always at
least double the recipe and store it in freezer containers. It will keep
in the freezer for about as long as ice cream will, though in our
house, it has a way of disappearing quickly.

To mix a drink:

2 heaping tablespoons of the ice cream mixture in a mug, add 3
Tablespoons rum, and then add about ½ cup boiling water, stir until

***Depending upon the size of the mug, you
might want to double this. Needless to say, we use big mugs at my house,
so I always double it. This is also great if you add the mixture to
plain coffee—with or without rum.

COSMOS FOR A CROWD!!! by Kieran Kramer

4 parts vodka

2 parts triple sec

2 parts cranberry juice

1 part fresh lime juice

with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker or large pitcher. Shake well (or
stir if in pitcher) Pour into chilled martini glasses.

way this recipe goes, you can adjust for however many people you have.
It’s basically saying: however much vodka you use, then you’ll add HALF
that amount of triple sec and cranberry juice. And then ONE-FOURTH that
amount of lime juice.

For example, let’s say I have 6
cups of vodka…then I’d add 3 cups triple sec and 3 cups cranberry
juice, and 1 1/2 cups fresh lime juice.

Tropical Champagne Cocktail by Sabrina Jeffries

1 oz. Mango rum

1 oz. Rose’s Pomegranate Twister

2 oz. champagne

Garnish with mango slice on a stick

Sneaky Petes by Larissa Ione


750 ml 100 proof vodka

16 oz pomegranate or cranberry juice

12 oz frozen orange juice concentrate

12 oz frozen lemonade

750 ml Fresca

1 cup powdered sugar (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a large container with a lid. Freeze for two days. Will be slushy. Scoop into glasses and serve.

A Flannel Nightie by Tiffany A Snow

1.5 oz good quality brandy

2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

½ oz Frangelico

1 t Goldschlager (optional)

2 oz half n half

Crushed gingersnaps for garnish

a chilled martini glass in crushed gingersnaps.  Combine ingredients
over ice and shake.  Strain into martini glass.  Sprinkle with crushed

The Godiva gives it
sweetness, the Goldschlager and gingersnaps give it spice, a little
nuttiness is provided by the Frangelico, and underneath it all is a rich
depth of flavor from the brandy.

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