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Going All In-
Professional hockey players Marcus, Alex, and Chris attend their team’s Vegas Night fundraiser unaware their lives will change forever. Can they face their difficulties and win the most important game of their lives – the game of love? These guys are going all in…
HEDGING HIS BET: Cassandra Carr
Marcus Mitchell never thought he’d find the love of his life with champagne dripping from her shirt rather than walking the runway at Fashion Week like the models he usually preferred, but you can’t always plan these things. Annalise Alonso isn’t going to make it easy for him, though—he’s going to have to work for her love. Now, Marcus is taking a shot and hedging his bet on love.

After she sees his murder in a vision, Nathalie Mendez has to warn star hockey goalie Alexander Semenov of the danger. To keep him alive, she risks exposing her many secrets. But once the die is cast, her biggest gamble involves her heart.

Melanie Gould has been dubbed ‘The Girl in the Lace Corset’. But she doesn’t always like to be the loud mouth defender of the romances she writes, and is definitely not good at playing the games relationships require. Of course, she’s never gone head to head with a guy like Chris Emerson. Chris is trying to behave, and someone like Melanie would destroy his plans to stay under the radar. So what happens when the ‘Girl in the Lace Corset’ and the NHL’s most infamous bad boy go one on one? Will they play her game? Will they play his? Or will they both end up in the penalty box?

Release Date: August 28, 2013
Publisher: T&D Publishing
Source: Manic Readers
Reviewer: Iris
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Reviewer’s Thoughts

Three authors, three novellas, three incredibly hot hockey players… One night that changes all their lives forever.

Normally at this point I would expound on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the stories within the anthology. However that isn’t necessary here. Although we have three distinct authors, each with their own voices and writing styles, their stories were so well in tune with each other that it is difficult to imagine that they were not all written by the same author.

In Hedging His Bets, Carr introduces us to Marcus Mitchell, star player for the NY Empires hockey team and Annalise, a poor, down on her luck waitress. Although being pursued by the handsome and wealthy Marcus Mitchell, Annalise resolves to not lean on him to solve all her problems for her and trust me she has plenty of them. My heart broke for Annalise every time yet another obstacle was thrown at her. Then I cheered just as loudly when she managed to overcome them learning along the way that it’s ok to accept help every once in a while.

Casting the Die casts a physical therapist with psychic visions into the arms of the star goalie. The deal? Pretend to date until they catch whomever it out to get the handsome goalie. But as time passes and the chemistry between them sizzles it gets harder and harder to remember that it’s all pretend. I loved the woman with a secret angle. Throw in a little mystery and I was hooked.

Stacey Agdern proves that not all is as it seems in Playing Her Game. Two characters, each known for causing a stir no matter where they go, each trying to keep a low profile sounds like a recipe for disaster. Yet the more sense it makes to stay away from each other, the more drawn they are. Especially since neither is exactly the person the media seems to think they are.

Three handsome hockey players and the three women who, against the odds, are exactly what each needs, this was a fantastic anthology. It was a stroke of genius pairing up these three authors who must be commended for making the transition from one story to the other seamless. 

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