Review: Hot Blooded (Part 2) – Donna Grant

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Review:  Hot Blooded (Part 2) – Donna GrantHot Blooded: by Donna Grant
Series: Dark Kings #2
Published by Macmillan on December 16th 2014
Pages: 100
Also in this series: Hot Blooded:, Hot Blooded:, Hot Blooded:
Also by this author: Hot Blooded:, Hot Blooded:, Hot Blooded:
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The exclusive e-serial continues! From New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant comes the HOT BLOODED: PART II, second sensual Dark Kings tale set in the wild Highlands of Scotland, where love and danger collide…Heat infused her wherever Laith touched. Breathing became difficult as he caressed up her sides until he cupped her face. His head lowered, and she rose up to meet him. Their lips met, sending sparks of desire and need zipping through her. He moaned, low and needful, causing her knees to weaken. She wrapped her arms around his waist and simply held on.A WARRIOR WITH EVERYTHING TO LOSEIona harbors a secret that others would kill to possess and Laith will do whatever he must to keep her safe. But what burns between them threatens to consume them both. Will she complete him—or destroy him?Read all four parts of this sensation e-series—and look for the full volume of Hot Blooded from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

Iris’ Thoughts

So many things happening in this second installment I’m not sure where to begin. In this second installment to Hot Blooded, we see a letter from her deceased father; answer some of Iona’s questions. However, just as some of the questions she has are answered, many more crop up to take their place.

Laith is finally coming to terms with the fact that Iona means something more than any other mortal does to him. Why is it that the Dragon Kings act as if they’re being hit by a semi when they realize what is obvious to everyone around them? Regardless, I think it’s high time for each of the Dragon Kings to find love.

In this installment we get to see Rhi sort of rejoin the thick of things. It’s good to see that although Rhi has changed due to the ordeal she suffered in the previous book, she still retains the part of herself that makes her care about the Kings and the women that surround them. As someone who has read the previous books, it saddens me to see Rhi suffer, but I know that Grant must have a grand plan for Rhi somewhere down the line.

Herein lays another reason why it is imperative that the previous books be read, Rhys situation has only gotten worse. Due to his injury suffered during Rhi’s rescue attempt in the previous book, he has to go through so much. I can’t wait for his book and hope that it’s the next one Grant will write for us.

That being said… on to part 3!