Review: Seduction by Calista Fox

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Review: Seduction by Calista FoxSeduction by Calista Fox
Published by Swerve on January 10th 2017
ISBN: 1250129093
Also by this author: Burned Deep, Flash Burned, Burned Hearts
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100 Shades of Sin...
Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.
Lily Hart has taken a temporary position as a live-in butler for billionaire musicians Jackson Sterling and Lexington Alexander. She expected to be on call day and night. But what she did not plan for was that these two billionaires would be as handsome as sin and hell-bent on having her in their bed. Entirely skilled at the art of seduction, they make Lily burn for pleasure in ways she never knew she could.
Jax and Lex have been waiting for a muse, and when breathtaking, sensuous Lily arrives on their doorstep, they know she’s the woman to join them in the seductive web the three of them weave. But passion between three can end in flames, and Lily, Jax, and Lex must decide—is opening their hearts worth the risk?

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Wow, Calista Fox knocks this short story out of the park with this story of unconventional love.

Jax and Lexus are acclaimed classical musicians who are trying to write new music to help them get over a women whom they both loved and lost.  Lily Hart is a Butler hired to cater to both men as they write their love letter through music.  Once the men meet Lily they have found their muse to help complete their new CD and possibly find a new love for all three of them.

I really enjoyed the history that Jax and Lex share, I believed they have known each other their whole life.  When they lose their love years before they believed that the love they shared with another is gone.  Then when Lily walks into their life and opens up their world again.  Their love is unselfish  and honest, if it wasnt this wouldn’t work.  I enjoyed Lily she is a character we don’t see to often, a butler who would have thought of it.  The attraction she feels for these two men is larger than life and filled with passion.  I would have loved to have gotten more about Lily`s family but the author does set her up well, I just wanted more.  We do meet some secondary characters from Lily`s history and how their lives intersect which was interesting.   Ms Fox is weaving a world that will all come together in am sure.  The sex sense of hot and full of passion as well, so good.

I am thoroughly enthralled in this world and am looking forward to more.


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