Review: Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille

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Review:  Beyond the Cut by Sarah CastilleBeyond the Cut by Sarah Castille
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on June 2nd 2015
ISBN: 1250056616
Pages: 384
Also by this author: Sinner's Steel, Nico
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SHE’S HOLDING ON TIGHT.As a teen, Dawn ran from a life on the streets straight into the arms of Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker who promised to be her knight in shining armor. But his love was just another cage. Years later, Dawn’s former life still has its hooks in her and she’ll do whatever it takes to break free. When Cade “Ryder” O’Connor, a member of a rival club, makes her an offer, Dawn finds herself in a different, hotter kind of trouble with one irresistible Sinner…WILL HE GIVE HER THE RIDE OF HER LIFE?Cade is an outlaw biker with allegiance to one thing and one thing only: The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club. But when it comes to the stunningly sexy, fiercely independent Dawn Delgado, Cade finds himself…hungrier for more. Trouble is on Dawn’s heels and he wants to be the answer to her prayers, whether she wants him to be or not. What can’t be denied is the red-hot attraction between them. However, as they fall deeper, the danger rises and Cade may have to sacrifice it all…

Beyond the Cut is the second book in the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series. It had a very solid plot and a well written story with a bit of angst, lots of sexy scenes and great characters. Add on a gang of unbelievably hot alpha outlaw bikers and you have enough mancandy to keep you entertained throughout the whole book.

Dawn has made a good life for herself in the biker town of Conundrum, Montana after escaping an abusive relationship. But in the struggle to freedom, she lost custody of her children. She’s stuck, working three jobs and paying blackmail money just to have a couple of hours with her kids a week. She’s lived the biker life once and she’s paying heavily for it, so she’s vowed to stay as far away from that life as possible. Only they didn’t get the memo because bikers keep showing up at the most inconvenient times. Specifically two, including her psychotic ex who seems bent on getting her back under his heel, as well as her two night stand from a year ago, the delectable Cade “Raider” Tyson, member of the Sinner’s Tribe MC, who seems bent on getting her back into his bed.

In the midst of Dawn and Cade’s explosive romance, biker politics are underway with war on the horizon if the Sinners can’t get things handled. And with a rival MC, the Devil’s Brethren, in the middle of a power struggle between their leader Wolf and Dawns ex old man, Mad Dog, things are shaky at best. Mad Dog is doing everything he can to gain power, at the same time everything he can to exact revenge on Dawn for what he considers betrayal, leaving them all caught up in a madman’s game.

The Sinners MC are faced with some very tough decisions, as are Cade and Dawn, who are both reluctant to form any real attachment. But they are inexplicably drawn to one another and both of them need to learn to put the past behind them so they can move forward.

Though I did like this read, for me, it lacked any real depth or emotion. This should have been a book I was salivating over but it felt long, and I don’t mean in a page length kind of way. It never sucked me in like I wanted. All the emotional points were there but it didn’t deliver it’s full promise. And though I liked both Cade and Dawn as characters, I never really connected with them or what they were going through. The author wrote some very steamy, sexy scenes between these two, their chemistry off the charts hot, but I also felt like there were sex scenes thrown in just for the sake of having more sex scenes.

I do admit that I loved Cade’s dominant, take charge, rebel, alpha biker personality. He was definitely hot. And I enjoyed Dawn’s unwavering strength. And her girls, Maia and Tia were adorable. I enjoyed the scenes were Cade was playing babysitter. They made my heart swoon and I laughed at the fun those two seven year olds had at taking a tough biker for a spin.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. I won’t be adding it to my reread pile but it was fun, sexy and exciting with plenty of action to keep me entertained while reading it. And it had recurring characters from the first book in the series which interested me enough, I’ll be going back and picking up book one.

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