Review: Hooked: A True Faerie Tale – Michaelbrent Collings

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One insecure girl. Two hot guys. And a whole lotta vampires.
What could possibly go wrong?
Eve has always lived on the outskirts. An outcast at high school, living in a home with no father and a mother who barely knows she exists. But when the new boy comes to school, things start to change. He’s popular, he’s good-looking, he’s smart. He likes her. And he’s a vampire. Now, Eve has to discover the mystery behind the new guy’s existence. A mystery that has roots in her past, and will determine her future. A mystery that will determine whether she lives, dies… or suffers a fate worse than death.

Release Date: Michaelbrent Collings
Publisher: Createspace
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Reviewer’s Thoughts

Eve’s life has been anything but easy and now with constant nightmares it seems down is the only way she if heading. Bullies, a drunken mother, a missing father, they are only a few things to deal with and now she is being stalked but some amazingly gorgeous guy with bright blue eyes; not to mention the slightly disfigured, yet handsome still stranger who can play her heart to peace with an old tune on a violin. As if all of this wasn’t strange enough Eve might just be seeing a small glimpse of hope.

Rocky already knows he is gorgeous; he is also keeping a huge secret, one that could destroy the girl he is determined to have.

Jacob is broken from years of lost hope, chasing monsters in the night, and watching dreams be crushed. Now, he finds some hope, only glimpses, but all held within Eve and a battle royal to come.

This is the point I would usually discuss the characters play against each other but this book holds a secret, that I am determined not to give away. I will say that the author has earned my undying respect and has walked well outside the box of imagination. Please, read this book. I promise you will not regret it, and you might even find that you fall in love with someone you always thought to be bad.

5 Cocktails
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