Review: Kidnapped By a Warrior – Ravenna Tate

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Review:  Kidnapped By a Warrior – Ravenna TateKidnapped By A Warrior by Ravenna Tate
Series: Voyeur Moon #1
Published by Evernight Publishing on February 6th 2015
Pages: 91
Also in this series: Fallon's Capture, Marianne's Abduction, Seduced by Two Warriors
Also by this author: Fallon's Capture, Marianne's Abduction, Seduced by Two Warriors
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Life on Earth ended as Callie O’Doyle knew it six months earlier when aliens invaded much of the planet, including the quiet harbor town where she lives. As she walks home late one night from work, she comes face to face with an alien in a spacecraft who injects something into her arm. When she wakes, she’s no longer on Earth, and the male alien has brought her to his home.

Although Jakara is physically appealing and doesn’t mistreat her, it’s also clear he’s taken her prisoner, and he gives her no choice but to submit. The longer Callie gives her body to this mysterious man, the more quickly her heart follows.

But as their feelings for each other grow, so does the danger they’re in. Jakara broke all the rules when he took Callie for his own, and if she’s found, it will mean their death.


Kenna’s Thoughts

Oh my goodness!!  “Kidnapped By a Warrior” was awesome!!  Really.  I totally mean that.  I don’t tell lies when it comes to my hot alien men.

The whole alien thing is relatively new for me.  It took me a while to actually sit down and read one of these books.  I confess that some of the blurbs scared me a bit.  Two penises?  Red skin that changed colors?  Horns?  However, when I actually read one?  GAH!!  It opened a whole new world for me.  Literally.  Now, I snap up alien books every chance I get.  Especially when the word “Warrior” is in the title.  Oh how I love warriors.  Strong, passionate alphas who can fight as hard as they love.  Sigh…

In “Kidnapped By a Warrior” we meet Callie who is innocently walking down the street when…well, the title tells you what you need to know.  The story really takes off from there.  Jakara is out doing his job…collecting Earth women.  I’m not going to tell you why because you should really read this book for yourself.  They find themselves drawn together no matter how they meet, and it’s so SEXY! Ravenna Tate writes with exquisite detail.  I was able to form a movie in my head…how they look, how they touch, how they fit together.  Perfection.  The sex scenes are scorching but tender and sweet as well.  Seriously, I’m talking stars in my eyes and goofy smiles.

Along with the romance and sex, there is a great plot with intrigue and action. Once again, even though I’m dying to tell you, I won’t give away any spoilers.  Jakara has to continue to do what he does, but is he being watched?  Can he trust anyone?  There are a few surprises to be had, and some nicely written action.  I thorougly enjoyed this book, and I’m going to scream from the rooftops about how fantastic it is.  It’s the first in the “Voyeur Moon” series, and I can’t wait to read the next one.  Treat yourself to this gem.  You won’t be sorry.

About Ravenna Tate

Ravenna Tate lives in the Midwest where it’s cold six months out of the year, but inside her stories you’ll find plenty of heat. The sex is hot, the men are alpha, and the women give them a run for their money.

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I am a lover of alpha males with dirty mouths, strong heroines putting alpha males in their place, and the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm a proud hockey mom who can often be found at the hockey rink cheering on my favorite forward, with my kindle close by.

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