Review: Mistress of Purity by Faye Hall

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Review:  Mistress of Purity by Faye HallMistress of Purity by Faye Hall
Published by Red Sage Publishing on August 1st 2015
ISBN: 1603100229
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Prue had seen something the night her father was murdered – something that would forever change her life…
…She had seen something that would continue to haunt her and follow her wherever she went.
When she had married the Earl of Malloy, Prue had hoped to be able to hide under his name and at his out of town estate.
What she had not thought was to become his son’s MISTRESS OF PURITY.
Gareth had sworn never to return to his father’s estate, not to the life he had once thought to have there.
He had hoped that the man he had grown in to was no longer hoping to find the love of a woman he knew could not possibly exist.
What Gareth had not wanted was to find his comfort in the arms of his father’s young wife…a woman he knew was hiding far more than just one secret from him.

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The first paragraphs in this book were a great success- they were engaging and captivated my attention. Then the book started to lose me as soon as the heroine was introduced.  I couldn’t get a clear read of who she was and frankly it felt like the author had no idea either. Prue, the heroine was struggling to find an identity, confused between a sultry seductress and innocent damsel in distress. Everything progressed way too fast for the image she was trying to portray. In other words, the author was trying to force her into a pigeon hole and she kept breaking out of character. it just made the entire book confusing and hard to follow.

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  1. Thank you for your honest review 🙂 Yeah I’m slightly disappointed you didn’t enjoy it more, but hopefully you will enjoy some of my other books more 🙂 Thank you again