Review: Off on the Wrong Foot by Edward Kendrick

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Review:  Off on the Wrong Foot by Edward KendrickOff on the Wrong Foot by Edward Kendrick
Published by Fireborn Publishing on November 25th 2015
Pages: 111
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Simon Jarrett is a well-known mystery writer. A play he wrote, based on one of his books, has been accepted by a local theater. Daniel Lowe is the theater's costumer. The first time they meet--in the elevator of their apartment building--neither knows who the other is. Daniel thinks Simon is a snob, while Simon can only see Daniel as a clone of his abusive ex-lover, Carl--although a straight one, he thinks.
They meet again at the theater and both are appalled, to put it mildly, to find out they'll be working together. Slowly, they begin to accept each other, but it isn't until Allie, Simon's friend, reveals to Daniel why Simon is so stand-offish that Daniel finally tells Simon he, too, is gay.
Will the two men be able to become more than friends, or will Carl's coming back into Simon's life drive them apart--or worse?

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I really enjoyed reading “Off On the Wrong Foot”.  The characters were well fleshed out for such a book, and I sort of fell in love with both of them.  The plot was also good.  It’s unique.  Sure, it’s the familiar enemies to friends trope, but I like that, and I especially like it when it’s done right.

Simon is a mystery writer who has turned one of his best sellers into a script for a play to be performed at a local theater.  He’s had it rough as his ex abused him.  He has a chance encounter in an elevator with a man living in his apartment building, and to put it mildly, it didn’t go well.  They each came to conclusions about the other’s personality based on that short meeting.  Of course, life being what it is, it turns out the other man in the elevator, Daniel, is the costumer at the theater where the play will be.  What follows is a rather slow burn.  You KNOW they’re going to be together, but it’s not insta-love.  It takes awhile for them to warm up to each other.  They develop a friendship first, and it was lovely to read.

I’m not going to go any further.  No spoilers here!  I will tell you that Simon and Daniel have a great chemistry as friends and (finally!) as lovers.

The sex is both romantic and hot.  They’re there for each other when they need it, and it’s obvious they’re meant to be.  A quick mention should be made that I loved the background characters!  Simon’s best friend Allie is really funny, and the people at the theater are too.  Everyone fits perfectly into the story, and they don’t overtake the Daniel and Simon.

I am going to recommend “Off On the Wrong Foot” because it’s sweet and sexy, and it was a very nice way to spend an evening.