Review: The Birthday Present – Lizzy Grey

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22291323***Note***  There are references to this book through the author’s blog, Twitter and Pinterest accounts when you do a Google search (which I’ve done exhaustively trying to get some information on this title.  However, each of the links referenced have been taken down.  Should more information be made available regarding this title, we’ll update this post.

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Source:  Manic Readers
Reviewer:  Susan
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Reviewer’s Thoughts

This was an interesting book, steamy sex and an odd storyline. I enjoyed the story but did not find it a situation that I could believe would happen in real life. The ending was abrupt – I wished it had tied up the end of the story a bit better it just leaves things hanging not sure if there will be a second book or not but the ending was just so abrupt in comparison to the rest of the story.