Review: Their Luscious Dream by Mia Ashlinn

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their luscious dreamAthena Xanthopoulos is on a mission. She’s moved to Luscious, Kansas to reconnect with the parents she doesn’t remember and meet the siblings she’d only dreamed of having. But she didn’t count on finding men like Sam Carrington, Ethan Bartlett, and Brett Monroe.

Sam, Ethan, and Brett love each other, and they’re committed to their marriage. Yet still, they dream of a family that includes a wife and children. Only they believe their dream is just that—a dream.

Then Athena walks in.

Now the men who’d felt their dream was out of reach see babies in the mysterious blonde’s eyes. And the woman who’s lived life as an outsider yearns to belong.

But Athena’s conservative childhood tells her what she craves is wrong. Can the men convince her sharing isn’t wrong but oh-so-deliciously right? Or will she hold onto what she knows, dashing the men’s dreams and dooming herself to a lifetime without the men she’s grown to love?

NOTE: This book is not a stand-alone. To find out how the dream began for Sam, Brett, and Ethan check out Luscious Beginnings (MMM).

Series:  Love in Luscious, Kansas #2
Release Date:  08/12/2013
Publisher:  Siren Publishing
Source:  Publisher
Reviewer:  Michelle
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Reviewer’s Thoughts

Their Luscious Dream is book #2 in the Love in Luscious series.  I want to admit that I did not read book #1 in the series and that may have impacted my review.

Athena, the book’s heroine, has just arrived in Luscious to meet her siblings.  Her family reunion is derailed when an attraction arises between her and three men (Sam, Ethan, and Brett) while attending their wedding.  The story becomes even stranger from that point forward.  A psychic friend “guides” this love connection and family reunion.  There is never any depth given to Athena’s character or the characters of the other three men.  I never felt vested in their story or any of the characters.  Athena seemed to be lost and floated between wanting to be with the men and reuniting with her family.  She was annoying and her actions made no sense.  She just seemd to sway whichever way she was led and lacked anything resembling a backbone.  The men were crude and used extremely vulgar language throughout the book.  They even made up some vulgar words all of which were used excessively.  This book is not for the faint of heart or those sensitive to excessive vulgarity.  Maybe in the previous book there were details about the men that would have endeared them to me, but I found nothing in this book that would make anyone want to join in and be their fourth.

The slow pace of the book was even more frustrating because the love scenes were awful.  The author wrote a description of sexual acts between the men but never included lubricant…ouch.  There was a lot of self-talk and conversation between the menage members as sex is occurring.  I don’t know about you, but part of the fun of reading a fantasy erotic love story is the details.  It would have been a lot more hot if the author would have focused on the acts, feelings, and not included conversation during the sexual act.

It was extremely wordy and repetitive.  The author kept telling Athena’s story over and over—every detail. The love scenes were at the end of the book.  It was such a chore to get to them that you failed to get excited when it finally happened.  Then you realized it was the most boring menage–ever.  What’s the point of having 4 people in the bed if they only pair up?  Oh, and talk to each other through the act….

I generously gave this a 3 because I didn’t read the previous book.