Top Shelf Favorite Author: Erin M. Leaf

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Our reviewer Kenna, is going to tell us today why she loves Top Shelf Favorite Author, Erin M. Leaf.  Enjoy!

How did you discover Erin M. Leaf?

I’m pretty sure that the first book that I read by Erin was from a blurb that I found on a list of available books to read on Manic Readers.


What is it about this author and their books that have your coming back for more?

I can’t rave enough about Erin. Her books are not only hot and sexy (VERY hot and sexy), but they have great plots. Lots of action, mystery, and well thought out world building. Her characters are strong and always have great chemistry.
She also doesn’t stick to one particular genre. She writes MM, MMF, Sci Fi, shifters…you name it. She’s always switching it up.


What’s your favorite book of Erin Leaf’s?  Why?

This is a tough call. I think my favorite book that she’s ever written is “The Billionaire’s Bodyguard”. It’s an MM story with a lot of heart. There’s also conflict and mystery in spades.

Alex is a billionaire who needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse, jumps right into the role. So many things happen in this book, that I can’t even go into all of it in this space. Just let me say that Alex and Jesse are perfect together, even though it may take them awhile to realize that.

This book put me though so many emotions, and I just got sucked into the story and couldn’t get away. I fell in love with Alex and Jesse as they fell in love with each other. The romance and sex were amazing, and that was just icing on the cake.

It’s a wonderful book.


Recent releases by Erin M. Leaf

CnB About the Author

I once surfed down a shale pile in an anthracite strip mine when I was a kid (please don’t tell my Mom). I’ve been lost on the river docks in Pittsburgh at 2 am (so stupid). When I got locked out of my car, I paid a homeless man twenty-bucks to break into it for me. I’ve been stuck on the side of a mountain during a blizzard with only a few pretzels and a trench coat. I’ve broken my ankle into little bits (bicycle fall = sixteen screws in my leg). I’ve watched a solar eclipse at noon in front of the Empire State Building (via cardboard with a pinhole). I’ve had a pigeon poop on my head.

I have a tendency to stare at bird butts instead of doing my work (I live in rural Pennsylvania and have a bird feeder right outside my window). I can bake bread, make homemade ravioli, and burn bacon. I know how to tango. My teenage sons learned their best curse words from me. I met my husband when I was seventeen, two and a half decades ago. I keep the first book he gave me on my desk.

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