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  1. Hello Cocktails and Books:

    I found you from a list of reviewers on the website Author EMS. It seems you are actively supporting stories.

    I would like to introduce you to my first novel entitled, Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar.

    Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar is a unity-focused novel set in the unknown future, a fantasy story written with vivid imagery and modern entertainment. Like most fantasy war novels, Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar embodies valuable components: sacrifice, companionship, hope, strength, wisdom, and perseverance. However, this novel stands alone in a planned series in three important ways. First, it focuses on parents who spent years fighting an ongoing war and must now guide their son to his destined role in the war. Second, this novel introduces a new attitude toward unity in which communities of known galaxies have come together to defeat a common enemy using magic and advanced technology. Third, this story plays with the concept of betrayal and deceit, both creating difficult challenges and unexpected twists. The result is a refreshing approach to fantasy – a series that will follow Kodus on his journey to ending the war, or so the prophecy foretells.

    This novel, Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar, is a fantasy story inspired by the ongoing war in our own world among countries and their common enemy – terrorism. Our world has seen new faces of terrorism who threaten our freedom and peace. It is a reality that results in lost lives and destruction to lands – both are harsh consequences of the war on terror. In this day and age, those who fight for us allow us to discover the strength of our unity as countries come together to support all heroes.

    This powerful fantasy story focuses on a character destined to be the greatest hero of the ongoing war – Kodus Solaris Hemsley. He will be born to King Asmoph and Queen Jessa who escape a surprise attack and eventually find safe shelter on our very own planet. Kodus will be isolated from his true reality until being a rebellious teenager leads him to unravel the truth. He will realize his desire for freedom can be fulfilled by one of two choices – lead all galactic communities with Dagmarth against its powerful enemy, or help eliminate Dagmarth to further a ruling empire in exchange for freedom and wealth.

    Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar was partially published on in June 2016 as a public sample. This edition has received positive reviews and social media interest. The full manuscript is complete at approximately 95,000 and 330 pages, and published on in August 2016. The Dagmarth series is a new approach to the genres of Heroic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Magic Realism, MG, and YA. This series introduces a breakthrough idea of combining fantasy and magic with galactic adventures, modern entertainment, and war.

    I am currently looking for a blogger interested in this refreshing series that offers readers a unique, relatable, and original outlook on war in a fictitious realm. I would very much appreciate your support.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!


    Joseph J. Miccolis

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