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CnB Author Interview

We have Dee J Adams with us today chatting about her latest release, IMMINENT DANGER.  Help me in welcoming Dee to Cocktails and Books.



Tell us about yourself.

Before I go into “me” – I just want to thank Cocktails and Books for letting me play in their sandbox today! I’m thrilled to be here. To answer your question… Like most authors today, I’m a lady who juggles a ton of balls. Along with my writing, I work in television – sitcoms – to be specific, as a dialogue and acting coach. Every once in a while I still manages an on camera roll as an actor too. And, yes, I’m a wife and mother too, so keeping the family happy is also on my agenda. I wish I could say I was good at keeping all the balls in the air, but I’m very good at dropping them. Haha. When my show is in production, it eats up a lot of writing time, but I’ll admit that I love my day job almost as much as writing, so for now I do what I can when I can.  Gosh… TMI? <G>

What three things about you might surprise your readers?

I’ve narrated several of my books for Audible. 

I own a pitbull. 

I was the Tide Lady in the mid 90s.

Is there a genre(s) that you think “I might like to write one of those.”?

I’ve actually written my first YA and it’s making the rounds. Cross your fingers for me!

Tell us about Imminent Danger.

Imminent Danger actually deals with two different couples. One couple is younger and experiencing first love and the other consists of two people a littl older and lot more jaded. One of the things I loved about writing this book was the different ways the characters looked at love and falling in love. Past experiences will definitely color the way people go into a relationship or avoid them as the case may be. 

Where did the idea for the storyline come from?

I had a seed of an idea when I wrote Living Dangerously. Once I put Abbey and Blake together, I knew I wanted to keep them together. They did too, actually. Blake fell in love with Abbey at first sight and they had quite the first meeting. Abbey may not have known it then, but Blake was her future. I thought getting them both to tackle their biggest fears might make for a fun book, so… voila. Imminent Danger

What do you think readers will like/love about Blake and Abbey?

Blake is adorable. He’s so patient and he works so hard to gain Abbey’s trust. Though he’s gone through a serious trauma himself, he’s all about bringing Abbey out of her shell and teaching her how to live life to the fullest. And Abbey does come out of her shell. She grows from a quiet loner to a woman ready not only to fight for herself, but the man she loves. 

What was your favorite scene from the book?

I had a few. One of my favorite scenes is when Abbey unintentionally falls asleep in Blake’s bed while watching over him after he was nearly run down by a car. She wakes up to find his head resting on her stomach and she gently weaves her fingers through his hair, taking a minute to touch him when no one is watching. Blake wakes up, but pretends to stay asleep because he knows this is a momentous occasion for Abbey, a lady who rarely touches anyone and craves her space. It’s a bit of a turning point for her even if she does’t realize it at the time. 

Who are some of your book boyfriends?  What draws you to them?

I can tell you who I wish was a boyfriend! I’m a huge fan of Sam Starret from Suz Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. He’s got all the qualities of a great man. He’s strong, smart, funny, macho, but he respects his woman and gives credit where it’s due. Can’t go wrong with that. 

If you had to pick a favorite cocktail of choice, what would it be?  (It can be non-alcoholic too)

Well, since I’m drinking a margarita as I write this, I’ll stick with that. (Although ususally I’m a beer drinker for the simple reason that I’m allergic to wine.) But, yeah… a margarita with salt on the rim. Muy perfecto.

What’s next for you?

Next will be a novella for my High Stakes series followed by an Adrenaline Highs novella. Then I’ll be diving into Adrenaline Highs #6. 

CnB About the Book

ImminentDanger_highresFor Abbey Washington, dancing is more than a dream, it’s a way to forget her past. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time makes her the sole witness to a stabbing and brings back horrible memories. Since the killers saw her just as clearly as she saw them, Abbey is now a loose end that needs to be tied up.

Blake St. John is working toward his PI license and hopes to find the man who hurt his brother in a kidnapping. He quit chasing his quiet co-worker, Abbey, months ago. But now that she needs protection, he takes on the role of bodyguard and all the feelings he tried to bury for her come back with a vengeance.

Abbey’s past makes it hard to trust and an attempt on her life forces her to realize that time is running out as the killers get closer. Now, she must risk it all or face a life without the one man who showed her how to love.



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CnB About the Author

DeeJAdamsBorn and raised in El Paso, Texas, Dee J. moved to Los Angeles, California, where she acted in television and commercials for almost twenty years. An award winning author, she writes contemporary romantic suspense. She’s a member of SAG-AFTRA and RWA and was thrilled to be chosen by Audible to narrate three of her (four) books in the Adrenaline Highs series (Carina Press): Danger Zone, Dangerously Close and Living Dangerously. All of her books, including the first, Dangerous Race, and her most recent release, Against The Wall, are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, ARe and other e-book distributors. 

She has been married to the love of her life for over 25 years and they have a 17 year old daughter who brings them nothing but pride and joy.

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    • Hi Robena,
      Thanks! That bedroom scene is very sweet. And a little humorous too, since Blake has a little problem that takes him away from Abbey’s gentle exploration. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for dropping in!

  1. Hi Shannon and Dee! Congrats on your latest release, Dee! This book is at the top of my TBR pile! I can’t wait to get to know Blake better. 😉

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks! And I have to sink into Veiled Target! I need to carve out more reading time! Hope you enjoy Blake and Abbey’s story and thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Kady,
      Thank you! They’re one of my favorite couples! I love how Blake’s humor kind of rubbed off on Abbey as the story progressed. He was so patient with her. Okay… shutting up now. LOL. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Ladies, thanks for the great interview! Dee J., I loved your “favorite scene.” There’s something heart-melting about a big, strong, driven man deliberately taking things slow to woo a woman carefully. Sigh… 😉

    • Hi Samanthe,
      Thanks! I agree. It’s part of the reason I loved Blake so much (and why Abbey finally falls for him too). He is one delicious hombre. (Am I allowed to say that? LOL.) Thank you for popping in!

    • Hi Kate,
      Yeah… who doesn’t love a tender scene? Yes, you were certainly the very first to read this book! And thanks for the kind words. I see that Across The Line is tearing it up on Amazon! Congrats on your new release! Very happy for you!